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 warrant of fitness

Please make a reservation for WOF and Recheck.


$ 50


$ 35


Warrant of Fitness or WOF regulations are changing. Vehicles first registered before 1 January 2000 will continue to require a WOF every six months, but newer vehicles will be changing to require one WOF per year for the lifetime of the vehicle. The changes to the warrant of fitness inspection frequency will be introduced by the middle of 2014. Until then, vehicles remain on their existing inspection frequency:

• 12 monthly for vehicles less than six years old
• six-monthly for vehicles aged six years or older.

Fully qualified Warrant of Fitness inspectors. All WOF inspectors are fully experienced in vehicle mechanics and servicing. They complete regular updates and liaise with New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) on all WOF requirements.

If our WOF inspectors find any issues with your vehicle, the repair work can be completed onsite quickly and efficiently. Your vehicle will then be re-inspected and a WOF issued.

You will find The Mechanics mechanical services particularly convenient for your car servicing needs if you live in or work around the following areas:

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